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Rudda Parquet Timber Floor Grand Palais Old Style

Rudda design parquet are produced in caring handwork to exclusive designs with using only most precious wood species. All parquet will be delivered ready for installation. It creates a special atmosphere in every room, wall & floo, residential or commercial.

Panel size 14x39x39 cm, Made in Austria with PEFC Cetificate

Colour Change & Colour Variations :

*Natural products change depending on the intensity of sunlight.
UV radiation (a natural component of daylight) makes light woods darker and dark woods lighter, and this effect is most intensely percep-
tible in the first 3–6 months especially. Therefore, do not place any movable furnishing items on the floor during this time (e.g., carpets,
flower pots, etc.)

Installation Tips :

Before laying, it must be ensured that the residual moisture in cement screeds does not exceed 1.8% and that in calcium sulphate
screeds does not exceed 0.3% according to CM; in any case, the corresponding relative humidity of the screed should be below 60%
RH. The corresponding relative air humidity is understood as the measured value, in equilibrium state, under a sufficiently large, sealed,
test area on the screed surface.
Functional joints of the substructure (screed and building joints) are to be carried over. Expansion joints between rooms are also to be
provided on principle. Additional expansion joints may be required depending on the room geometry and size. In the case of installation
across different rooms, an expansion joint must be in principle provided in the transition area of the room connections.

The requirements for installation without expansion joints are:
No functional joints in the screed, dummy joints in the screed are resin-bound, edge distances and distances to fixed components are
complied with, Admonter Elastic parquet adhesive is used, compliance with the Admonter comfort chart.
Before installation, the floor must be acclimatised until it has reached room temperature (min. 24h), but the individual packets must only
be opened immediately prior to installation.
When using the mallet, particular care must be taken to ensure that the cover lamination does not get struck. Before starting installation,
determine the width of the room. If the calculated board width of the last row is less than 4 cm, even the first row of boards should be
cut to size.
Before installation, it is particularly important to sort the boards by colour. You can then purposefully influence the appearance of the
room through the manner of installation; if the boards are laid in a way that flows from one to the next, they give the floor a homogeneous
character; if light and dark boards are deliberately mixed, a lively, rustic look is achieved. The same boards can look completely different
in one and the same room, depending on how they are laid.
PLEASE NOTE: Sedate or lively assortments each result in a different appearance.
The quality of the boards must also be checked. If applicable select boards for frieze edgings, stair nosings, etc., that match the elements
before starting installation.