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Slate Lite Stone Veneer

Real stone veneer

Slate Lite is a stone veneer with a real stone surface. Our method makes it possible to attain many very thin slate slabs from some of the worlds’ most beautiful slate blocks.

Each slab is one of a kind keeping the feel and optics of a regular slate slab. The properties of real slate on the stone side combined with unbelievable flexibility and the light weight of the back make it possible to do the most amazing projects. Regardless if used for building furniture, as a wall or floor covering, Slate Lite has almost no limits.


天然超薄石 Slatelite stone veneer

石材新趨勢 - 超薄石材不再怕「碎」
高科技薄切至2mm 厚度, 如同紙張一般, 最薄最輕, 省時省工, 打造更大空間感!
縮短了施工時效, 降低了搬運不便人力成本,改進傳統石材施工時效!



天然石材, 真石打造, 立體感,觸感,自然紋理呈現!